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The three previous report types as noted in USPAP no longer exist. Rather, our documents are now referred to as Appraisal Reports with the content being defined by the Scope of Work as dictated by the property type and the level of information necessary in the report are dependent on the intended use and the intended users.


MARKET STUDY REPORTS are another type of report offered by Kovach & Associates which is typically used for new construction or substantial rehabilitation of older projects to determine the viability of the project by both lenders and investors. Our USPAP compliant market study reports are delivered in a Self-Contained format consisting of a comprehensive explanation of the various intricacies a project and its place in the surrounding market. Among the major sections of every report are a demographic analysis on both a regional and neighborhood scale as well as a full or truncated supply and demand analysis, depending on the scope of work needed within the appraisal. Detailed site and improvement sections and relevant trends in the local and national markets for the property type analyzed are also included.

RENT COMPARABILITY STUDIES are a type of feasibility report in which market rents are determined for subsidized units within a property typically for the purpose of renewing a Section 8 or other low income housing contract or determining the viability of refinancing. Market rents for each unit type are estimated by adjusting rents of comparable units to reflect differences in quality of location, condition, appeal, amenities, utilities, etc. In the final analysis, a Self-Contained Rent Comparability Study with support for the judgments and conclusions contained in the document are presented. All assignments are prepared in conformance with the applicable requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

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Professional Appraisal Services

* James Millspaugh & Assoc., Inc requires that all of its appraisers be Designated members, Candidates, or Practicing Affiliates in the Appraisal Institute.
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